Organic Marketing™

What is Clean, Honest, Organic Marketing?

At Melanie Grace Global Marketing (MGGM) we take an approach to marketing for our clients that incorporates a simple, honest yet strategic and profitable philosophy for their business to grow organically that is proven sound, successful, measurable and accountable.

We’re not afraid to do the work and get in the trenches with you to succeed.  It’s a partnership.

Most business owners have some degree of marketing knowledge, but they don’t know how to create and execute a successful, market-penetrating strategy that generates leads and results in profitable conversions.

MGGM is focused on solving and consolidating the marketing challenges of today’s small and medium sized businesses and employs specific and strategic best practices to drive profitability. Every company is its own entity with its own personality, culture and product line, therefore a “one size fits all” approach cannot be the standard. Our clients receive a custom-tailored plan that fits the objectives and budget of their particular organization.

Take advantage of our free, no-strings-attached 30 business growth session. Contact us or call 888.303.0338, ext. 232 and together, let’s make your passions, profitable! Promo code: WEBFREE30  We love our clients and are happy to help!  Learn more about our services.

We consolidate the marketing process for you in four steps:

  • Deliver the right messaging at the right time with your Unique Selling Point
  • Generate Leads using Platforms and Offers using both a digital and traditional approach
  • Measure and Leverage the Marketing Arsenal
  • We’ll simplify your follow-up with Marketing Automation so no potential business slips though the cracks, left unattended. Your prospects will be nurtured with multiple touchpoints and navigated through the sales funnel. 

What makes us the preferred marketing agency?

  • Unlike many businesses, we do not upsell you on products and services that you don’t need! Equally important, we will not deny you necessary services to achieve marketing success. We take a no-nonsense, honest approach to success.  It’s simple. We treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • Among many of the benefits we offer our clients is affordability.  We offer 0% financing and installment payment plans so you can enjoy high quality marketing that is within your budget.
  • We only charge for time actually worked, calculated in quarter hour increments instead of hourly – saving our clients money.  Therefore, if a project is completed in less time than anticipated, client will not be charged and a  credit is issued on their behalf.  To date, we have never had a project that extended beyond the estimated that a Client was billed for.
  •  You are fully informed of all aspects of your marketing initiatives, in advance. No costly surprises or project over runs!
  • You are not alone. Our clients have our guarantee that we only work with their best interest at the forefront of every decision, for long term and short term projects. We are committed to your success!

We exist so you can focus on your objectives!

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