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Melanie Grace | CEO
Melanie Grace Global Marketing
Divinely Ruthless Empowerment Experiences

You are the unlikely warrior. You are the unlikely hero!

What does it mean to be “Divinely Ruthless? It means you have decided to embrace the truth you are of Divine origin, on this Earth with a Divine purpose (known, unknown or evolving) and you are committed to being strategically ruthless about overcoming challenges and obstacles that hinder you from fulfilling your assignment – without being ruthless to the individuals who stand in your way. It’s possible!

I am a story of a Divine exchange of beauty for ashes. Escaping an early childhood abduction attempt, a brutal assault, overcoming a secret battle with depression, a debilitating car accident and recovery from a brain injury, I had nowhere to go but up or to the grave.  Further traumatized by daily harassment in a toxic work environment, my journey out and up lead me to my discovery to embrace courage, self-confidence and becoming Divinely Ruthless.  

Save the date for 08.18.18! At this ladies only conference, I will help you find the boldness, energy and enthusiasm, in spite of your past and alongside your current situation, to courageously move forward to act on your talents and pursue that driving inner truth which is passionately seeking expression. You too can be Divinely determined and Ruthlessly relevant. With an exciting general session and 6 workshops, tickets are priced so you can confidently invest in your own future. After all, you’ve probably spent the majority of your life building someone else’s dream.  Now, it’s finally your turn.  

General Session ■ Permission to Dominate ! You Were Created to be Divinely Ruthless
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The Divinely Ruthless Community is A Divinely Dynamic and Strategically Supportive, Non-Judgmental Sisterhood and Brotherhood Pursuing Our Truth, Our Aspirations and Entrepreneurial Journey’s Together!

Power Workshop ■ Lifting Your Spirits: The Secret Struggle and The Truth About Girls, Women and Depression (Part I)

Andreana Arsene-Mabry, M.S., LMFT, EMDR-Certified Therapist is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in trauma and suicide prevention. In 2010, Andreana earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Redlands, and a subsequent Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2012. Please visit her website at and set an appointment. She is highly recommended!

After training in school-based settings, Andreana shifted to focus on treatment for individuals overcoming addiction and mental illness. Currently, she combines this training to support comprehensive services for children in foster care and trauma-exposed veterans and families. As a woman managing her own depressive illness, Andreana also advocates for the reduction of the stigma of mental illness within underserved communities.

Power Workshop ■ Keeping it Sexy! 7 Juicy Keys to Keeping Your Sexy Alive!

Mavis McKnight, M.S. was raised in a strict religious household and her only views of sex were heard from a very conservative church.  What she heard was that sex was a sin, dirty, something good girls don’t talk about, let alone do. Mavis too, was shackled by these feelings of guilt and shame around sexual teachings. God has called her to learn more and do more for Christian women like her.

Wives who want to eliminate sexual frustration, improve their health, and have more fulfilling sex, enjoy working with Mavis.  She helps move them past their blocks to sexual pleasure and delight.  Using real talk and deep care, Mavis encourages women to open up and share what matters most in their intimate relationship.  Then they can embrace and enjoy every ounce of pleasure that sex in their marriage brings to the table.  She empowers women to step into the courage it takes to become Queens of their sexual destiny.

Mavis McKnight is a candid, funny and caring Marriage, Sex and Life Coach who loves to educate, motivate and inspire women to be happy and prosperous in their lives. She is the CEO of Intimate Connections, is very happily married and resides with her family near Los Angeles.   Learn more at

When Mavis is not bubbling over with passion to teach about sex, she enjoys traveling, reading, comedy, dancing, spending time with her super handsome, cool, adoring husband Carl, enjoying an amazing and sexy marriage, and having her grand kids over for a sleep-over…sometimes.

Power Workshop ■ Lifting Your Spirits: The Secret Struggle and The Truth About Girls, Women and Depression (Part II)

Gabrielle Nicole Sims, a passionate MBA, HNC (Holistic Nutrition Coach), and CYT-500 (Certified Yoga Teacher -500 hour), focuses her time and energy on sustainability matters. She left the throws of corporate America to work in non-profit environments, and with her expanding experience with Mindfulness, Yoga and Holistic nutrition, she has gained over 20 years of experience and expertise in fitness and wellness. She also works as a Sober Coach assisting those struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

Gabrielle is a Stanford University Graduate School of Business Facilitator where she coaches graduate students through interpersonal dynamics, affectionately referred to as “touchy feely”: one of the universities’ most popular courses.  She has a Masters in Business Administration with a focus in Sustainable Business Systems from Presidio Graduate School. Attending a, what is known to be, a “tree hugging” business school, Gabrielle focused on the triple bottom line (social, environmental or ecological and financial) where she learned to do business differently and effectively. She tendered ways to be more in alignment with the planet and became a civil servant for Alameda County Social Services Adult Aging.

Power Workshop ■ You’re Not Done Yet! How to Reinvigorate Your Dream!

Patricia Denise Roach’s educational journey from high school to earning her Masters of Science Degree from Cal State University Dominguez Hills, took 33 years and was full of twists and turns.  She definitely has a story to share of perseverance, trusting in her heavenly Dad, and being unwilling to quit no mater what!

“Ms. Pat”, as she likes to be called, is a 61-year old woman who loves people and sees herself as one who plants seeds from the Word into people’s lives.  Encouraging people is one of her gifts from Dad, (this is how she refers to God).

She is a 32 ½- year veteran of the Los Angeles County Probation Department.  She desires to become a Godly lawyer and politician.  hat dream from 6th grade is still alive and when she retires in 2019, will with the help of her heavenly father she will begin attending law school and pursue the dream.

Power Workshop ■ You’ve Got a Story to Tell!

Dr. Beverly Crockett is the CEO of Executive Business Writing, a company developed several years ago to assist many who neither have the time or perhaps even the skill set to successfully and professionally produce various writing projects.  She is also a successful author, publisher, proofreader and editor with several projects to her credit.

She owns that one of her assignments is to coach one through the writing process and develop their manuscript into a successful book that can be enjoyed by their target audience.  In the last 12 months, she has published multiple first-time authors with phenomenal success. At Executive Business Writing their motto is, “We Write So You Don’t Have To!” In addition, “Dr. Beverly”, as she is affectionately known, is proficient in business start-ups, board development, research and development, tax exempt status for potential non-profit organizations, and more.  Executive Business Writing specializes in producing professional documents including curriculum vitaes, resumes, business plans and grant writing as well.

Power Workshop ■ A Vision For Your Future – Ages 13-20

Hi! My name is Sydni-Cheyenne and I am excited to share with the Young Lady Warriors of Divinely Ruthless. I am a college student double-majoring in Christian Theology and Music. Living has brought peaks and valleys, but God’s word is always true and he has never left my side. These times of difficulty have challenged what I believed about myself and what I believed God thought about me. Let’s face it, we see some pretty gross stuff in ourselves during these seasons. Take hope! Trials are the opportunity to develop good character within us. Let’s rejoice in trying times as we examines how self-perception influences how we see others, ourselves and our abilities to reach our potential.

Success is directly correlated to fear. Fears of reaching one’s full potential and living one’s life to the best possible all comes down to how one views them self. As we discuss our personal value and identity, I want to encourage you (and myself; who am I kidding? We all need this) that you are greatly loved, that regardless of the circumstances that brought you into the world, you matter and can achieve more than you ever imagined! As we live in this freeing power, we’ll dream bigger and excel in life!

Power Forum ■ Whose Will Be Done? Preserving Your Hard-Earned Assets

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