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August 18, 2018    9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Pasadena, California

(Home of the famous Rose Bowl – Just 20 minutes East of Los Angeles)

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Entrepreneur  –  Future Entrepreneur   –   Author  –  Educator  –  Leader    Woman  –  Wife  – Mother  –  Clergy

Assistant  –  Philanthropist  –  Retiree  –  Youth  –  Middle Aged  – Bored Employee
Thought Leader  –  Emerging Leader

Undecided  –  Tired  –  Timid  –  Committed to Improving Your Life

Rise to the next level! Come and be empowered, motivated and activated to propel yourself deeper into what you believe you should be doing versus what you are actually doing.

Being Divinely Ruthless is about finding the courage, energy and enthusiasm to courageously act on your talents and pursue that driving inner truth which is passionately seeking cohesion with your daily activities and destiny. It’s about being feminine yet firm, shrewd, sophisticated and savvy, Divinely determined and Ruthlessly relevant.

It’s about our actions being in alignment with the still, small voice directing us into that which we are set on Earth to really accomplish. Register for this event. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded friends.

Keynote Speaker/Host

Founder: Divinely Ruthless
Melanie Grace, Senior Partner  Melanie Grace Global Marketing

■ Permission to Dominate ! You Were Created to be Divinely Ruthless

Don’t let the pearls and plaid fool you! I AM DIVINELY RUTHLESS. And so are you! We’ve spent a lifetime building the dreams of others, now, finally, its our time to arise, let our voices be heard and take our rightful place with courage and audacity.

Have you noticed the workplace has become an increasingly hostile environment? Have you had enough of being disregarded, subjugated and taken for granted? Are your colleagues threatened by your strengths and abilities? I have experienced these corporate maladies repeatedly and the more I speak with women, they are sharing very similar stories. These are commonplace situations no matter what organization you may work for. Daily, women like you are doing their best to navigate and survive similar situations.   You are not alone.

 Are you nervous about taking the first steps towards personal leadership and fulfillment?

Here’s the good news! Frustration is not your enemy. It is a messenger prodding you to make adjustments to properly align your life. Your inner conflict is actually a Divine call to action!

There’s so much more you were created for and you can do, be and actually feel better!  The keynote address will focus on showing you step by step how to reclaim your power regardless of your circumstances and how to be Divinely Ruthless.  The time is now to awaken, arise and slay!  Woman arise! It’s time to get back in the arena and fight for your destiny!

Plus, 6 Power Workshops Include:

■ You’ve Got a Story to Tell, So Tell It!

Have you lived long enough and experienced enough of life’s challenges to gain insight worth sharing?  Do you have a great work of fiction that is burning within that you haven’t yet put to paper? Your story is someone’s inspiration and catalyst! How about a tutorial that others can benefit from? Your options are endless and in this workshop, you will receive the tips, tools and resources necessary to learn how to research, write and self-publish your own book.
Q & A opportunity

Presenter: Beverly Crockett, Ph.D    Author |Entrepreneur | Executive Business Writer 

■ Lifting Your Spirits: The Secret Struggle and The Truth About Girls, Women and Depression

You don’t have to suffer alone or in silence. Approximately 12 million women suffer from clinical depression every year in the United States. There are many factors that cause depression from hormones to trauma to employment and familial stress. In this workshop you will learn about the factors, treatment and the psychology of happiness.  You will also learn about the importance of self care and how to implement the benefits of healthcare, nutrition, spirituality, tranquility and meditation in your day to day activities.  There is no shame as almost all of us have had brief bouts or long term battles with the blues.  Come and be encouraged, informed and lead on the road to recovery.

Q & A opportunity

Presenters:   Andreana Arsene, M.S   Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Gabrielle Sims, MBA  Certified Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coach; Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-500)

■ Whose Will Be Done? Preserving Your Hard-Earned Assets

You’ve worked long and hard to earn what you have acquired. Whether your assets are considerable or modest, you should take pride in your accomplishments – and protect them. In this workshop you will learn simple strategies to protect your children and personal assets (large or small) from government interference and acquisition. quickly and legally.

J U S T   A D D E D!

Bonus information and access for all attendees includes:

  • The Sandwich Generation Estate Guide
  • Child Protection Planning Guide
  • Important Notes for Choosing a Guardian for Your Children
  • Making Sure Your Pets are Taken Care of
  • Estate Planning for Singles
  • Newlywed Estate Planning Checklist
  • Writing a Will Checklist
  • Do I Need a Living Trust?
  • Ethical Will: Overview and Worksheet
  • Important Information for Executors: Checklist
  • Executing a California Advance Healthcare Directive
  • What to Do When Diagnosed with a Serious Illness
  • Managing a Large Windfall


■ You’re Not Done Yet! How to Reinvigorate Your Dream!

Your dream is still in your womb, not your tomb.
Dr. Myles Munroe stated, “The wealthiest place on Earth is the cemetery.”  If you are a “woman of a certain age” and your vision has been placed on the back burner, or you need to reinvigorate your lifelong dream, you will be motivated to dust off your dreams and reshape your destiny. Let’s all rob the grave of our gifts, and instead, share them with the living. You will have a lively and engaging discussion and plan of action to implement your goals.
Q & A opportunity

Presenter: Patricia D. Roach, M.A.,  Deputy Probation Officer II – Los Angeles County Probation Dept.

■ Keeping it Sexy!  7 Juicy Keys to Keeping Your Sexy Alive!

A Divinely Ruthless™ woman has to keep it hot and spicy!  Learn how to get, keep and reignite that fire burning in your relationship. And if you’re not partnered up currently, take this power workshop so you stay ready!  (21+ Due to mature content)
Q & A opportunity

Presenter:  Mavis McKnight, M.S.  Certified Sex, Marriage and Life Coach
Author, Secrets of a Good Wife – Sex Truths and Other Marriage Essentials

♥  B O N U S  


■ A Vision For Your Future – Ages 13-20

Please don’t leave your young ladies behind! They need us more than ever. Bring your daughters, nieces, grand-daughters, god-daughters and neighbors. This extended session is specially designed to set the stage for our teenagers to confidently embrace their future by understanding their Divine value, purpose and identity as a beloved heavenly daughter.  They will be encouraged to pursue their education, motivated to practice healthy nutrition and understand and nurture their spiritual inner being. They will also be able to engage in the event with real-time interactions with the speakers and hands on experiences to create their own personal vision boards.

This is a great opportunity to mentor and equip a young lady for a day.  Adopt-a-Warrior for this event and let’s teach them their value early so they can be successful in the future and avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made in the past.  Discounted tickets available for ages 13-20.

Presenter:  Sydni-Cheyenne,  Carnegie Hall & Walt Disney Concert Hall Vocalist,  University Sophomore, Washington, USA

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70 North Mentor, Pasadena, CA

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$49.00 July 1, 2018 – August 17th

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Girl Warriors 13-20:
$25.00 with school ID   July 1, 2018 – August 17th

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you will receive a lifetime benefit. 

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