I Have Some Good News To Share!

I Have Some Good News To Share!

Hi Friends,

Earlier this year I took a chance.

Most you you have heard of THE GREATEST motivational speaker of our time, Mr. Les Brown. He was calling for co-authors to help him write his next book. Their application required answering several questions and writing an essay. I wrote on the subject of something I am very knowledgeable about: Determination Through Hardship. Quite frankly, the opportunity came at a time when I was lacking confidence, a bit discouraged and contemplative about life and none of the contemplation involved rainbows, unicorns, glitter or Care Bears®.

My first response was to just blow it off. But a tiny, persistent voice said, “Just give it shot. Because even if you never hear back, you’ve at least tried.

So I gave it my best shot! If you are going to do anything, don’t do it half-heartedly!

Well, within a few days, I heard back from the Les Brown organization and learned there had been over 400 applications in the first three days of it’s release. “Wow. Dang. Juuuuuust great…” I thought to myself.

Two days later, I received this email… (edited for space)

Les Brown Acceptance Letter

My point is this. You may be going through a season of discouragement or disappointment, or you may be flying high and at your best. But no matter what state you are in, don’t quit and apply excellence and integrity to all of your efforts. You don’t have to be fearless but you will have to be courageous. Take a step of faith and do what you haven’t done. Do what you think you can’t do.

Even in the face of adversity, if you persist, the scales will eventually tip in your favor. Hang on. Keep the Faith and stay in touch.

Meet me at the top!

♛ Melanie Grace

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13 thoughts on “I Have Some Good News To Share!

  1. Melanie, I am moved to tears reading your story. It couldn’t have come at a better time as The Qualls are about to take a huge leap of faith! Thank you so much for sharing your good news. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

    1. Thank you, Patricia. Your latter days shall be greater than your former!! Step by step, word by word, deed by deed. I am standing with you for your success and I greatly look forward to meeting you too!

    1. Brian, thank you. You are an extraordinary person and business man and I’m inspired by your knowledge, persistence and success! You are an overcoming champion!

  2. It’s always darkest before the dawn. You made it through that darkness and your dawn has come shimmering and shining through! Congratulations on not letting a mere challenge stop you from achieving something great.

    Where most people fall down, you stood up. Where most people give up, you hung in there. Where most people take an obstacle as a sign to throw in the towel, you tied a knot and hung on. And look at where it took you!

    Only a few can say they made it through 400 applicants to be counted as one of the few. It’s like the single sperm cell that made it through the gazillions of sperm cells to create you. It was destiny. Same here. Don’t take it lightly or for granted but step fully into it. I am soooo proud of you!

    1. Mavis! Thank you, my friend! As a published author yourself, you know the challenges of formulating a single thought into a concept and developing it into a mature book. I appreciate you and I am equally proud of YOU!

  3. I am not surprised. I knew something big was in store for you. Victory belongs to Jesus. This is only the beginning. Thank you Father

  4. Melanie,
    My heart is rejoicing for you. I am so proud of you. Honestly, I am not surprised because you are a great woman, so enevitaby greatness will always follow.
    Thank you for your unresting inspiration.
    I can’t wait to read your story.

    1. Thank you so much Tammy. Your words of encouragement are certainly cherished and greatly appreciated. But you know, you are a great woman as well!! Undeniably tenacious!!

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