Your Image Matters

Your Image Matters

“When you see the world, the world sees you.” 

Sebastian Maniscalco


A first impression is made in 7 seconds.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS REALLY MATTER:   My client came to me excited her first book was ready to be published. After years of education, training and experience, it had taken months to write and was full of excellent content!

I refused to let her go to press.

Why? Because her current cover would damage her credibility as a writer. This may be her first book but it didn’t have to look like an authors freshman project. I helped her see that it was crucial that she project her image to the public based on the professional services she offered and the type of clientele she wanted to acquire. Proper branding would positively impact her ability to make the right connections, procure speaking engagements and sales. With a bit of coaxing, she began to expand her vision and scope of possibility and we created a new cover and completely redesigned her website! (Check it out ►

She’s thrilled! She has more exposure than she’s ever had before and she now has the image that correctly brands her products and services.  We always keep the best interests of our clients at the forefront of all we do and we can do the same for you! Because your image matters. Take a quick look at a great video and turn up the volume to view a recently delivered promo to another client for more ideas about what we can do for you!

Be sure to take advantage our our free, no strings attached business growth session. Call 888.303.0338, ext 232 or contact us.  We’re  here to help you succeed and make your purpose-driven passions, profitable!

See you at the top!

♛ Melanie Grace

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