How to Post on Social Media for Business

A lot of people don’t understand how to post properly on social media for business purposes.  It’s not the same as your personal platform or traditional advertising.

VITAL:  Remember, the word “social” is the first ingredient in Social Media.  If you want your audience to grow and stay engaged, don’t make all of your posts about trying to sell something.  It gets boring.  Here’s a good ratio for Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn:

Use a simple ratio of 3:1 posting. So, release 3 engaging, interesting, non-promotional posts and then 1 post promoting your product or brand message.

For example, let’s pretend you’re a podiatrist. You want your posts to be interesting, right?  So, one engagement post would be a quick, one minute video on exercises to reduce the pain of Plantar Faciitis (PF).  Engagement post #2 would be about myths concerning PF.  Engagement post #3 would be about PF prevention.  Your 4th post would be about promoting your services and how you solve the problem for your clients with a call to action for prospects to contact you.

Another option would be like this:  Post #1: How high heels change the shape of your feet.   Post #2: How to treat painful corns.  Post #3: The most comfortable insoles on the market. Then, for your 4th post: Promote your business with a customer testimonial.

This 3:1 ratio would be your posting pattern. Remember, be creative and keep it interesting! Also, include a good quality photo.

Next time, I’ll teach you about hashtags: what they are and how to use them in your posts, effectively.

See you at the top!
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    1. Thanks, Brian! It will get easier as you progress. Are you a business owner? What services do you provide?

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